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Ebong Eka, CPA

Small Biz and Pricing Expert
What You Will Discover On This Intensive Three Hour Training:
Three Dangerous Pricing Mistakes that is Costing your Business Thousands!
If you're a Coach, Consultant, Freelancer or Salesperson, you may not be getting more clients because of these three Mistakes.
Four Proven Strategies To Raise Prices without Losing Customers!
You can raise your prices & revenues but only if you have the system. Learn how to set and raise your prices in Four Steps!
Four Basic Strategies To Handle Objections from Clients!
Prospects say No all the time even when they want to say yes. You'll learn the four strategies to handle customer objections!
How to Create a Value Ladder of Products and Why You Have To!
Want to sell high end services? Learn how to create a Value Ladder for your business even if you have no existing products. 
Free "Set Your Prices" Worksheet 
Included is a free copy of the Pricing Principles Worksheet. You can create your pricing strategies for each product!
 Additional Q&A Bonuses

I will provide answers to your most frequently asked pricing questions. When your prices increase, so does your revenue. 
Recent Success Stories!

Secured Three Contracts at the Highest Rates!

"Ebong's intensive training on how to raise your prices has helped me tremendously! As a designer, I now have a much better understanding on how to price my services without fear of losing customers. In fact, in the two weeks since taking the training, I've been able to secure 3 contracts at my highest rates to date! Thank you Ebong! Your training was the confidence boost I needed."

Daveia Odoi
Visual Branding Expert & Illustrator

Increased my Profits by 30% after your Training!

"My home visit clients now refer like crazy and provide their own sheets to save me on laundry! My corporate chair massage clients don't ask any questions and know the quality I provide! Yes, I would say a 30% increase in profitability with the table massage and as high as 161% with corporate chair massage gigs!"

Jared Robinson
Massage Therapist
Total Investment - $299 
Learn How to Quickly Raising Your Prices! 
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you teach how to overcome the fear of raising prices? - Definitely! Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always worried about raising their prices. I'll teach you 1) Why the fear exists, 2) How to overcome the Fear of Raising your prices, 3) The TWO REAL reasons customers buy from you, 4) What to say to customers when you raise your prices and much more!
  • Will I lose clients if I raise my prices? - Maybe, you may lose customers but those are generally the customers who 'nickel and dime' your services and don't value you. What you will most likely see are raving new customers who value your services because they believe you can help solve their problems.
  • How will I know if this will work for me? - This training will work for you. The 3+ hour training teaches service-based business owners, like coaches, experts, authors, speakers, consultants, graphic designers, web designers, creative writers, photographers, copy writers etc. how to raise their prices.
Your Total Investment - $299 
Overcome the Fear - Raise Your Prices! 
Need More to Hear More Success Stories?

Learned how to Raise My Prices and Income!

"The training was fantastic, thank you so much. Again thank you so much the information you provided on the webinar made me think differently on my prices."

Kim Wende
Horse Training Expert

Sales Increased and I have better Clients!

"Raising the prices for the private events has helped tremendously and I’m getting a higher quality client experience; thanks to your webinar!! My sales have picked up with commissions!"

Carla Bisong
Bisong Art Gallery & Art Expert 
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