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This is what Most People will do:
1. Go online to Google, YouTube or speak to someone at some small business forum. They'll tell you that you need to write a business plan so you can raise money from investors and/or get a loan from a Bank – one huge problem: 

"Banks aren’t lending to startup businesses by the way!"

Why aren't they lending? Anywhere from 50% to 80% of small businesses fail within their first year. If you had money to invest in a start up, would you like those odds?

2. Waste your time writing a 100 page business plan for a business that may not survive past the first year! It takes most people 2-3 months to write a traditional business plan and in most cases longer if you have other priorities.

3. Because it's long and difficult, most people stop writing their business plan because they've lost the initial momentum and excitement to start their business!

4. They eventually give up on their dreams of entrepreneurship, when in reality there's a better way. 

This is what YOU will do with my 
One Page Business Plan:
1. Download my FREE One Page Business Plan below..

2. Answer the questions in the One Page Plan that will help you do the following:
  • a) Identify exactly how and why your business will succeed.
  • b) Learn how to create a niche in your industry and become an expert.
  • c) Learn how to set prices for your products/services and raise them.
  • d) Learn how to use email effectively, get free websites and resources.
  • e) Identify how to use social media to get customers.
3. Start your business in several weeks OR LESS and find your first customer!

4. Watch others struggle because they chose to start a business the hard way!

5. Turn your ideas into income and Start your business today with my One Page Plan!
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