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"This book explains the basis and (several overlooked) basics for building a successful business. Add it to your start up tool kit!"  - Yanik Silver
What is Start Me Up!?
Start Me Up! The No-Business-Plan, Business Plan is not another business book!

This Book is NOT about writing a business plan....
--- But it will show you the framework of a great Idea!

This Book shows you the TWO Major Reasons customers will buy from you!

You can spend the next 5 Years learning from your mistakes or......
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Discover how to market your business without a marketing budget!!

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"Start Me Up! The No-Business-Plan, Business Plan is a must-read for new entrepreneurs! 

Ebong has created a wonderful guide to ensure a successful path into business ownership!”

- Nellie Akalp, CEO of CorpNet
"This book explains the basis and (several overlooked) basics for building a successful business. Add it to your start up tool kit!

- Yanik Silver, Bestselling Author and Founder of Maverick
"Wish I had this book when I started my business 3 yrs ago. 
This isn’t just for newbie entrepreneurs, but great for entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level."

- N'Teasha Brownlee, 
Owner, Be Relaxed Destinations
Introducing Start Me Up! The No-Business-Plan, Business Plan!
Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Things That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • How to overcome the top 5 Fears and Doubts that keeps people from starting their business. #2 is the question I'm always asked! - pg. 9
  • Real examples of why traditional business plans don't work and contribute to the failure of your small business! - pg. 22
  • The Five Reasons why your ideas don't have to be unique or innovative to be successful! - pg. 28
  • What's a Revenue Model and why your business won't survive without one! - pg. 32
  • Pricing Case Study that show the biggest mistake that can cost your business everything! - pg. 33
  • How to quickly evaluate your business idea and identify the perfect audience to target! - pg. 43
  • How to choose your perfect niche and why it's important to start there first! - pg. 50
  • How to become an expert in your field and why not doing so can cost your everything! - pg. 53
  • How to create your pricing packages and charge more money for what you do! - pg. 55
  • The simple three step method to craft the perfect elevator pitch that works! pg. 61
  • Discover the difference between an LLC, S-Corp, C-corp and sole proprietorship and how to choose the best entity for you! - pg. 65
  • Easily understand potential tax issues you may face even if you hate taxes. - pg. 73
  • How to find your perfect market and audience! - pg. 103
  • Where to find the help, interns and virtual assistants for your business, even if you don't have any money! - pg. 111
  • Why you don't have to raise money for your business and how to grow your business without bank loans! - pg. 127
  • Learn how to get the first of many customers for you business even if you hate selling! - pg. 135
  • How to use content marketing and storytelling to build your audience, share your expertise and sell your products & services! - pg. 147
  • How to use social media marketing to build your brand and sell your products to your raving fans and audience! - pg. 155
  • Learn LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. tactics that increase your brand visibility, market share and customers! - pg. 159
  • Discover how to use email marketing to explode your business and grow your revenues! pg. 209
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Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About Start Me Up!
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